Web Development

Give to India

Live version

As part of Plan International USA's campaign for sponsoring girls in India, I designed and developed a microsite for collecting donations. Over the course of two months I worked with their marketing team to find out what their goals were, as well as their deadlines and technical requirements.

I first designed the site in Sketch using their company's website, brand book, and my own independant research on design trends in India as inspiration. The site drives traffic to a donation landing page on the company's website, as well as passes leads to their salesforce instance to generate leads for their emailing campaigns.


Live version | Github (UI) | Github (API)

Bynder is an application I built with two other classmates that connects students and educators, similar to a tool like Blackboard or Canvas. It allows professors to create a course, enroll a student in it, and post lectures, assignments, and notes. Additionally, students can use a discussion form to chat with each other throughout the class. The site was built using React.js, Express, and Node.js, the database with MongoDB, and the API using GraphQL. As the site requires a sign up, below is a login to explore from a teacher and student perspective.

Usernmae: brian@brian.com, Password: brian

Usernmae: ryan@ryan.com, Password: ryan

igus On Tour

Live version

igus Inc was lauching a new initiative that allowed them to bring a tradeshow booth directly to a company's parking lot, rather than the employees having to travel to a tradeshow. For this site, I designed a single page website with the goals of informing the readers about what the tradeshow is, as long as integrated a form with the company's HubSpot implemention to users could request a stop from the organization. In addition to the site, I took photos of their traveling tradeshow rig and designed the graphics on the page.


Live version | Github

Homeful is a prototype of a website that could be used to help solve the problem of overcrowding in homeless shelters. This website is a CRUD application using a MySQL database we built. Spaces at the shelter can be booked using the website, and we utilized the Google Maps API to show the locations, as well as capacities of the shelters, on a map.

Hubspot Landing Page

Live version

This landing page is an example of a landing page which allows an organization to collect users data and pass it into their HubSpot account. The page uses php to pass user data from a form into an HubSpot account. In addition to the form information being passed to hubspot, there is cookie data passed as well so that HubSpot is able to track the user when they come back to the website. The styling is all based on the HubSpot website's brand.

igus Toolbox

Live version

The igus toolbox is a resource center that helps the organization educated their readers, as well as generate leads by gating access to content until the user provides their information. I designed this site based off the companies brand guidelines, and their desire for a more modern take on their current website. The majority of this website I built using the uberflip platform, but used added code for the video banner, video search bar, and css styling on the page.