Software Development


Minipaint was built as part of a final project for my foundations of software engineering course at Northeastern. My team and I built a paint application that allowed two or more users from anywhere in the world to connect to a server and draw on the same canvas. For drawing we created many different brush types for the users to use, and allowed them to press 'x' and 'z' top undo or redo pixels they've drawn.

Space invaders

Space invaders is a remake of the classic came that I built using python for my Intensive Foundations of Computer Science Course. The user is able to shoot a beam at the invades pressing the space bar, and their score increases as they destory aliens. If an alien reaches the users rocket, or if the user destroys all of the aliens, the game is over

Sliding Game

After building space invaders I was interested in building another video game, and ended up building a sliding obstacle course game in Unity. You control the sliding box using either WSAD or the arrow keys, and the objective is to avoid all of the boxes in your way until you reach the finish. If you fall off, or if you hit a box, the game is over.