Upgrade your funnel

With inbound marketing you generate content to help move your leads through the marketing funnel. Content should be created to attract, engage, and delight your leads. In this guide you'll learn...

  • The stages of your marketing funnel
  • Tips for generating relevant content for your leads
  • How to progress your leads naturally through the funnel

Connect with leads when it matters most

Continously connecting with your existing leads is great, but how can you be sure that you're connecting with them at the right time? With Hubspot's inbound marketing tools you can...

  • Track user's actions on your site
  • Alert sales agents when cold leads are back on your website
  • Score user events and create a lead scoring system

Delight your current customers

Your existing customers may be your next big lead. After a sale, are you going the extra mile to delight your customer and helping turn them into ambassadors for your company? Consider...

  • Automating emails to check in on your customers
  • Building personal and genuine relationships between your sales agents and customers
  • Continously asking for feedback to improve your customer satisfaction

Ready to get the guide?

Ready to improve your marketing and sales activity with inbound marketing? Download our free guide that breaks down what inbound marketing is, how it can help grow your leads and engage your existing customers, and how HubSpot marketing and sales tools can take your team to the next level.

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