Graphic Design

Tradeshow Banners


For igus I've designed 20+ banners to be printed and used at tradeshows across the country. The main objective of the banners are to attract users to the booth, however with igus's products being so mechanical it was often a challenge to make the products legible and exciting from a distance. To combat this, most of my designs feature applications that are relevant to the industy of the tradeshow, and have call outs to products and the main advantages of using igus products.

Van Wrap Design

In addition to designing and developing the website for the igus travelling tradeshow, I also designed a wrap to be applied to the outside of the sprinter van that drove around the country with the tradeshow trailer attached to it. The igus orange is striking enough on it's own to grab attention on the highway, so for the rest of the design I wanted to keep it minimal and highlight the most universal products igus has to offer.

Email Newsletters

Each week igus sends out a newsletter about new products they're launching, interesting information about igus, or customer sucess stories. For these emails I originally designed the layout of the email, and continued to design the images and banners for the newsletters each week.

Girl Online Infographics


A series of infographics designed for social media about abuse the girls on the internet face every day.