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A quick highlight reel :

// HTML //

igus Toolbox (with Uberflip)

A site for my college swim team (Most code was written after a few beers, so don't judge)

// Graphic Design //

// Video Production //

Roommate Wanted // Directed, Shot, Edited, Produced || Runner Up 2016 Northeastern Campus Movie Festival

Digital Romance // Directed, Shot, Edited, Produced || Made in After Effects for a college course

Graphic Design Examples

Before learning about graphic design in academic and professional settings, Ryan's graphic design consited of using Photoshop and Illustrator to make photos embarassing his friends. His style has grown to be polished and professional while never taking itself too seriously.

Print Advertsiement: 28ft x 7.5ft
Facebook: Retargeted ad campaign
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Snapchat: Temporary and Permanent Filters

Developer Examples

Ryan's creativity comes in handy most when he is coding a new project. With limited formal education in coding, the majority of his work is built by combining what he knows in new and creative ways to build something that looks designed by an expert. He is a firm believer that function comes before deisgn and that great webites come from great ideas not just impressive coding.

NU Swim Club Website igus Engineer's Toolbox Is it colder than your fridge outside?
A website I built with my college roommate for our swim team. A lot of what I know of web development I learned making this site, and I would guess the code can reflect that it was a learning experience. This site is retired and the code hasn't been touched since 2015 Based off the uberflip platform, I designed this site with our company brand in mind. I designed and coded the header navigation, binder tabs, and a lot of backend code to make sure it works on all devices. I had always wanted to code an iphone app, and one summer I had the idea of an app that you could check and it would tell you if it was colder or warmer than your fridge outside. I spent a week learning Swift and was able to build a working prototype (But did not spend the $100 to get it on the App store so it only lives on GitHub and my phone as of now).
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David Bowie & Michael Jackson Infographic
An interactive infographic created using Javascript and data pulled from Google that shows the search volumes for David Bowie compared to Michael Jackson at the time of their deaths.